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Great wines reflect their place of origin, and speak of the grape variety from which they are made. To achieve this goal Coates Wines has a no compromise approach to craft wines that blend the best in Australian and European winemaking styles, to bridge the gap between the fruit-driven Australian style and the savoury, complex wines of Old World Europe. The vineyards used to make the wines that bear the Coates label express purity of flavour that allow regional and varietal characters to be clearly articulated.

In recent years our range of wines has increased. Each vintage when interesting parcels of fruit become available it is hard not to be tempted into adding something new to the range. My heart-over-head approach to winemaking makes for some questionable business decisions, but I hope that there are enough vinophiles that share my passion for complex, soulful wines to justify my folly.

Duane Coates

Winemaker, Coates Wines